10 Shihan 'Shorty' Izzedeen

Sales and Communications Team Leader






Buying Shoes




Outstanding Customer Service

Goes above and beyond

Rapid Regeneration

Consistently survives big nights on the town

Big Mouth

Can fit 15 marshmallows in there

What role/s do you perform at VentraIP Australia?

I am our sales and communications team leader and my average day involves responding to customer enquiries and making sure that my team aren’t making me look bad (Which they never do).


Most of my time is spent monitoring my teams work on the helpdesk, reviewing customer feedback and assigning any other tasks that we need to complete.


Usual tasks are things like running our social pages, writing blog posts and making sure that Ventrasaurus Rex gets the daily attention he needs.


Which sporting teams do you follow?


The mighty Brisbane Lions, I will never forget our triple premiership era. It was really my dad that made me go for them and the fact that I was living in Brisbane at the time.


I am also a big fan of the Boston red sox and I love it how they play ‘Sweet Caroline’ at the bottom of the 8th at home games.


Motorsport is my real go-to though, in particular F1’s and Motogp.  Daniel Ricciardo is my man in F1’s and I have a few favourite GP racers: Valentino Rossi, Jack Miller and Andrea Dovizioso.


What is your favourite movie and why?


The Goodfellas is probably my all time favourite. “As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster”, from that opening line there is never a dull moment and the movie itself is always as good as I remember. For a 30-year-old movie it has certainly aged well.


What did you want to be when you grew up?


Originally, I wanted to be a motorbike police officer. I remember on my first day of school another kid had already chosen that, so instead I went with a forensic diver since I just wanted to be involved in the police force in some way. Not sure why I went with diver as I couldn’t actually swim at the time, in fact I can’t actually swim too well now.


What is the best part of the VentraIP Australia office?


Honestly, for me the best part is just everyone’s attitude towards working here. The positive vibe is really contagious and it just makes it easier for everyone to come into work and give their all. Personally, it makes me feel really good working here.