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73 Varun Prasad

Graphic & UI Designer


Geography, History and Anthropology


Hair Volume & Thickness







Geography Nerd

Can name every country in the world

Gifted Goalkeeper

Awarded MVP in his first season of Club Soccer


Will eat (almost) anything

Describe your role/s at VentraIP Australia


I’m one of the four designers in the Software Development team. My responsibilities include designing graphics for use on digital and print-based projects, which can range from web pages, EDMs and event signage, to name a few. As part of my role, I also delve into some branding, documentation and front-end development.


If you could share a conversation with anyone in the world, who would it be (and why)?


Satoshi Tajiri, to thank him for creating Pokemon.


Where can we find you on weekends?


Spending time with my partner, family and friends, and enjoying a cheat meal.


You have a first class ticket to anywhere in the world. Where are you going?


Probably an island location – either Bora Bora or The Bahamas.


What is the best part of the VentraIP Australia office?


The kitchen, hands down.