20 Zach de Koning

Software Development Manager








Bug Tester



Professional Figurer Outer

Can figure out how (most) systems work


Can turn a conversation about something into a completely different topic


Self-Taught Extraordinaire

What role/s do you perform at VentraIP Australia?


I am the Software Development Manager. I handle all of the project management tasks for our existing software platforms (VentraIP, Synergy Wholesale, Zuver). Along with my development team, I am responsible for keeping systems up and running, deploying new systems and ultimately maintaining them all.

Personally I do a lot of backend development for Synergy Wholesale, as well as all of our testing and quality assurance. As I am in leadership I work with all of the other department heads and our employees to make sure the company is on track and working towards our overall goals


Where can we find you on weekends?


In all honesty, I will be sleeping a fair bit especially if I end up going out on a Friday. I won’t say that I sleep in late every time, but I have been known to reach early afternoon on occasion.

If I’m not sleeping I will be going out with mates, usually just to hangout or grab some drinks. When we are feeling particularly adventurous we may head into the city.


How would you spend a million dollars?


I am going to give a standard boring answer, but I would buy myself a house and just invest in property. I wouldn’t even buy an extravagant car, as I would be happy driving a piece of junk for the rest of my life. In terms of where I would buy the house, it would probably be in the surrounding suburbs to where I am living now. Nice and close to work and the people I know.


What job would you be terrible at and why?


I would have to say a surgeon. I am paranoid enough without having to be responsible for someone’s life. When I think about it, a lot of my paranoia has probably come from working as a tester, where you just have to expect things to be wrong.


What is the best part of the VentraIP Australia office?


Food and atmosphere. Actually, atmosphere then food. I can’t go past the office environment and how it is so relaxed yet so hard working at the same time. The layout is open but you still get your own private space and although there is a chain of command you are free to raise concerns with anyone.