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October 15 2012
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Automatic domain renewals in the Wholesale System

PostedMonday October 15th 2012

We’re pleased to announce that Wholesale System customers can now enable automatic renewals for domain names, with the ability to enable it as a default option, saving the need to manually renew domain names.

Auto renewal for your domain name will ensure your domain name does not expire if you miss the renewal notices and help to avoid costly redemption fees. We will attempt to automatically renew your domain name 14 days prior to the expiry date and this will be taken from your Wholesale System balance.

If there are insufficient funds at the time of renewal, the automatic renewal will fail and we will send you an email advising you of the failure. You will then need to renew the domain name manually via the Wholesale System.

Auto renewal can be enabled via the Renewal page, or when registering a new domain name through the Wholesale System:

Automatic renewal can be enabled through the Wholesale System

If you wish to change the default behaviour to enable auto-renew for all new registrations, you can achieve this through  the Options section in the Wholesale System. You will still be able to disable it on a per-registration basis though:

Resellers can enable auto renewal as default for all new registrations

Our team are continuing to roll improvements out to both our Wholesale System and VIPControl, and we’ll continue to provide information on updates and new features. We do have plans to extend the option for auto renewals to retail clients for use in VIPControl, however, we have no ETA on when we expect to launch this.

Note: Auto domain renewals are only available on domains that are within our accreditation, and not with legacy providers (such as Realtime Register). If you are unsure, please lodge a new Secure Message to our support team through the Wholesale System.

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