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January 8 2013
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Changes to domain transfer renewal options

PostedTuesday January 8th 2013

Starting today, when you submit a new domain name transfer via the Wholesale System, you’ll be presented with Transfer Options — allowing you to choose whether to submit the domain for transfer & renewal or just transfer.

Select renewal options when submitting transfers via the Wholesale System

Some domain extensions don’t support transfers without renewal, and in those cases you’ll see the ‘Transfer + Renew’ option as the only choice. If the domain name cannot be renewed at the time of transfer, you’ll see the ‘Transfer Only’ option only.

As part of this change, any Bulk Transfers that are submitted through will default to transfer only (without renewal) unless that extension does not support it (at which time a transfer & renewal will be submitted).

For example, if you have a .AU domain name that is due to expire in 14 days time, and submit it through the Wholesale System Bulk Transfer option, it will not be renewed at the time of transfer. If you had a .COM domain name due to expire in 64 days time, it would be submitted for transfer & renewal since the .COM extension does not support transfers without renewal.

Further information on domain transfers can be found in the Domain Transfer Overview, which can be found by Searching for the domain, then clicking on Overview (or Wholesale System > Domain Names > Inbound Transfer > Overview):

Domain transfer overview showing information in the Wholesale System

The ‘Renewal Included’ field will show whether the domain name transfer was submitted with a renewal or submitted without. This information can also be found in Wholesale System > Finance > Transactions (or by Searching for the domain, and viewing the relevant transactions associated with that domain in the search results), which will also show the amount that was debited from your Wholesale System balance.

Customers using the WHMCS module or the Wholesale System API can control how domain name transfers are submitted through the module settings (for WHMCS) or on a per-order basis (for API transfers).

For more information, or to sign up  for access to our Wholesale System online, please visit

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