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February 26 2015
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How we've improved your service over the past year

PostedThursday February 26th 2015

As Australia’s largest independent domain name registrar and web hosting company, we take pride in delivering great customer service and high quality online solutions to more than 75,000 satisfied customers on a daily basis.

Over the past year we have focussed our attention on getting back to our roots by changing the way we interact with our customers, removing unnecessary fees, and simplifying policies and processes to enhance the overall experience. We’ve also completed an internal re-training campaign for existing staff and introduced a new four week training regiment that all new staff participate in before they are able to join our customer-facing teams.

And while strengthening our ‘people power’ we have also invested more than $1M in refreshing our infrastructure – quite literally from the ground up.

All of our infrastructure is now hosted from NextDC UTI Tier III data centres in Sydney and Melbourne providing fully redundant power and cooling, our network now consists of fully redundant Brocade edge routers and Extreme Networks core switches with over 25Gbit of external connectivity and 40Gbit of internal connectivity in each location, and all of our hosting servers now utilise the DELL C6220 cloud platform featuring Intel DC S3500 SSD disk arrays for the ultimate in performance and reliability.

We’ve also solved many technical challenges through partnerships with specialised providers in their field of expertise, such as BlackLotus for DDoS mitigation, SpamExperts for inbound and outbound spam and virus filtering, and CloudLinux for stabilising the shared hosting environment through shared resource limits.

Positive results have already begun to appear as a result of these improvements, which include:

  • An average eTicket response time of just 8 minutes during business hours.
  • eTicket survey results showing a clear upward trend in scoring and positive feedback.
  • Network availability at 100% since the upgrade was completed in November.
  • Shared web hosting server availability at 99.99% averaged across the fleet, with the majority of servers having 100% availability.

In addition to the feedback gathered from eTicket surveys and our $10k customer service initiative, we recently launched a new VIPControl feedback form that has already been completed 525 times to give us more detailed feedback and suggestions on how we can improve our self-service interface.

As we embark on the next phase of our long term plan to establish ourselves as a market-leading brand that is synonymous with great customer service and high quality online solutions, we will continue to build upon the solid foundation that we have put down over the past year.  And in June we will invite all of our customers to be part of a special event that will detail the biggest milestone in our seven year history – something we guarantee you won’t want to miss!

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