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September 14 2012
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ID Protection product update

PostedFriday September 14th 2012

Today we’re pleased to announce that we’ve made it even easier to enable ID Protection when transferring or registering a new domain name.

A few months ago we enabled ID Protection through VIPControl (excluding domain names through our legacy providers), but now we’re making it even easier to enable it!

Starting today, you now have the option to enable ID protection on your domain name when registering a new domain name, or when transferring an existing domain name across to us – built directly into the ordering process:

Simply proceed to our domain name page, search for the domain name you want to register or transfer, and when prompted tick the box to enable ‘ID Protection’.

When the registration is successfully processed, or the transfer completes (depending on the option you select), we will automatically enable ID Protection on your domain name – without any further intervention needed from you.

And unlike other registrars, our ID protection is a free addon – giving you just another reason to transfer your domain name to Australia’s best value web-hosting and domain registrar.

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