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September 29 2020
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Introducing a new level of customer service

PostedTuesday September 29th 2020

As Australia’s largest privately owned domain name and web hosting provider we take great pride in the level of service we deliver to our customers each and every day.

We have truly earned our reputation for providing some of the best customer service and technical support experiences but that doesn’t mean that there is no room for improvement.

In fact, we thrive on constantly improving our service and live for customer satisfaction and feedback, as we have demonstrated over the past twelve years, so we’ve continued to invest heavily in initiatives that will benefit our customers and assist our team in delivering it.


New Customer Service Manager

Meet our new Customer Service Manager – Michael Price, aka Pricey.

Pricey has over fifteen years of experience in the IT industry, having previously worked for managed service centres in Australia and overseas for companies such as Microsoft, the Australian Government, and Aldi.

Customer focus and service delivery is his number one priority and he only chooses to work with those who share his passion (like us!). He thrives when working to develop teams that produce a high standard of service and outcomes, whilst engaging the team and passing on knowledge and skills that will enable them to be their best.

Tl;dr, he’s really good at what he does, and we’re glad to have him on board.


New Phone System

Over the past twelve months we have been evaluating a number of different solutions, but eventually landed on the Avaya IP Office Contact Centre which is currently undergoing implementation.

The new system will allow us to introduce a range of new features to improve the overall phone experience for our customers, such as virtual queuing, account authentication, and much more.

But the real benefit comes from the management and reporting functionality that will continually be used to assist with staff training which will only improve the overall quality of our service.

We anticipate that the new phone system will be ready to go live by the end of November 2020.


New Desktops

You may have seen some photos on social media of all the brand new equipment that has been arriving at our office and now we can tell you what it’s for.

All of our customer-facing staff members will be getting a brand new workstation, featuring two Dell 34” ultra-wide monitors and new PC’s with the latest Intel i7 CPUs, more memory and super-fast NVMe storage.

The new setup allows our team to work more efficiently and improve multitasking abilities with more screen real estate and faster processing power.

These PC’s are so fast that our team could be playing Dark Souls 3 while helping you troubleshoot a cPanel issue – but we promise, they’re not!


New Billing Platform

A couple of weeks ago we launched our long-awaited new billing platform and successfully migrated all existing customer information over in just under 12 hours.

The new platform was built completely in-house by our development team and will allow us to do so much more in terms of automation, promotions, ordering, billing and technical support, in addition to new products and services such as premium domain names and new hosting options that are just around the corner.

We also launched our new ordering forms that have received great feedback from customers. The new workflow is modern, makes sense, and is quick and easy to use. Win!


New Live Chat

This year we launched our new live chat service and we have been progressively rolling it out for all types of enquiries, and have achieved an overall satisfaction rating of more than 95%.

By the end of the year all of our customer-facing departments will be available via live chat, as well as ticket and phone.

$100,000 customer service guarantee

New Customer Service Guarantee

And last but not least, our new-and-improved $100,000 Customer Service Guarantee!

In 2014 we launched the original $10,000 Customer Service Guarantee that was pivotal in transforming our business in to what you see today, so in what is the truest form of putting our money where our mouth is, we want our customers to be assured that they will always receive the highest quality support and service from us – if not, we’ll pay you.

To be eligible for your share of the $100,000 all you need to do is let us know how you believe our service, policies or processes could be improved. If that feedback results in a positive change for the business we will reward you accordingly. It’s that simple.

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