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November 4 2012
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Introducing our WHMCS module

PostedSunday November 4th 2012

It’s been a few weeks since we originally said it was coming, and it’s finally here! Our Wholesale System WHMCS domain name module has landed, and VentraIP Wholesale customers can now download the WHMCS module from within the Wholesale System.

To obtain the module, login to the Wholesale System, click on Your Account then API Information where you’ll find the page where you can download all of our WHMCS modules.

Wholesale System customers can download our WHMCS module through the Wholesale System

Using WHMCS will allow you to automate the sale, management and renewal of domain names (and SSL certificates) for your clients. WHMCS also comes with a built-in shop front ordering system – allowing customers to order domain names, SSL certificates and hosting services through a shopping cart – in the same design as your website.  If you’re not familiar with WHMCS or would like to learn more, check out some WHMCS Features.

Domain Names Module

Our WHMCS domain name module is the newest addition to the family, and it allows to you to ‘plug in’ the module into your copy of WHMCS to allow all new registrations and transfers to be processed through VentraIP Wholesale. Your customers will also have access to manage their Free DNS hosting, Email forwarding and ID Protection through the WHMCS Client Area. Of course you have the ability to control this, and you can even charge your clients for use of these features (which, unlike many other registrars, is a free service for all VentraIP Wholesale customers).

Allow your clients to manage and edit free DNS, email forwarding or ID protection on their domain via the WHMCS Client Area

SSL Certificates Module

Our WHMCS SSL certificates module will allow you to resell our Trustwave SSL certificates to your clients. It also allows your clients to manage and retrieve their SSL certificate details from the WHMCS Client Area.

Availability Checker Module

Our registry-based domain availability checker module replaces the generic Whois servers used by default to check for domain availability with our realtime registry-based checker – resulting in the correct, valid and registry verified data being returned for domain availability. You’ll no longer have to refund a customer who managed to order a domain name that wasn’t really available (but was being returned as available by the generic and often incorrect Whois servers used by default in WHMCS).

In the coming weeks our WHMCS domain name and SSL modules will be included automatically in new installations of WHMCS. We will post more information on our partnership with WHMCS soon.

You can sign up for access to our Wholesale System online at

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