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June 26 2012
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Logaholic stats removed from Business services

PostedTuesday June 26th 2012

In a recent update to cPanel they made Logaholic stats available as a fully supported and integrated application from within cPanel, and subsequently, we made this feature available to customers on our Business cPanel web hosting plans.

However, it has since been discovered that Logaholic has a flaw which is interfering with server backups and causing massive load issues on our servers. Since Logaholic stores its data in a central MySQL database, the process of extracting data from this database for high traffic websites is causing high I/O wait times and slowing down the backup process, which in turn leads the backup process to still be running during business hours which is not acceptable for our customers.

We have also confirmed that many other web hosts around the world are experiencing the same issue with Logaholic.

cPanel has advised us that they are aware of the bug and they are working with Logaholic to resolve it, however, they are unable to give us a timeframe and could take weeks if not months before an update is added to the Release stream.

Because of this, we have no choice but to remove Logaholic as an option within cPanel until further notice. We sincerely apologise to any customers who have enjoyed using Logaholic, however, we feel that overall server stability is far more important than one application.

We will let you know once Logaholic has been re-added to our Business server fleet.

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