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November 15 2012
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Realtime domain names can be submitted for transfer to our accreditation

PostedThursday November 15th 2012

Back in May we launched the ability for customers to transfer their domain names with legacy provider TPP Wholesale (DistributeIT) over to our ICANN accreditation. We’re pleased to announce that we’ve extended this ability to Realtime domain names.

Customers can submit domain names with Realtime Register for transfer to our ICANN accreditation through the Manage Domain Names page in VIPControl:

Submit your legacy Realtime Register domain names for transfer to our ICANN accreditation

The process is very straight forward and will see no downtime to your services. Whilst there is a small fee associated in doing so, this is charged at a cost-price rate and includes renewal of your domain name.

AnĀ online support guideĀ has been developed to assist customers with the process and provide answers to commonly asked questions.

Our customer care team are currently in the process of emailing all customers who have domain names registered through legacy providers advising them of the migration process for their domain names.

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