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October 4 2013
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Reset your Wholesale System password easily & quickly

PostedFriday October 4th 2013

We know you’re busy, have heaps to do and so much to remember. When you’ve gone blank and can’t remember your password to the Wholesale System, we’ve made it that little bit easier to reset it.

Reset your Wholesale System password quickly and easily!

Based on our extensive experience and research, we know that making you select a security question to answer from a pre-populated list is a really, really bad idea, so, with our approach in the Wholesale System, we’ve made it as flexible as possible, allowing you to set your own question and answer.

Set your own security question and answer in the Wholesale System

And if you wanted to take the extra mile in securing your Wholesale System account, you can disable the ability to reset your password entirely.

For more information on the new feature and setting it up, please see our updated user guide or contact our team.

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