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May 10 2012
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Submit your legacy domain names for transfer to our ICANN accreditation

PostedThursday May 10th 2012

Update: Customers can now view and edit the registrant contact that the transfer approval email will be sent to before submitting the legacy migration request through to ensure the transfer approval email is being sent to the correct address.

Customers with legacy domain names that are with TPP Wholesale (formerly DistributeIT) can now submit them for migration to our own ICANN accreditation following a simple process within VIPControl.

Before performing the migration process, customers should ensure that the contacts set on their legacy domains are correct, as the registrant contact will be sent an email asking to confirm the transfer – which must be accepted before the process will begin.

To initiate the process, please login to VIPControl, click upon ‘Legacy Domain Names’ on the right hand menu and select the ‘Perform Legacy Domain Migration’ option to begin the process.

Why is there a charge to complete this process?
When you complete the legacy domain migration process, you’re transferring your domain name from a legacy provider (TPP Wholesale – formerly DistributeIT) to our own ICANN accreditation. As with any regular gTLD domain transfer, there is a fee for the transfer. However, at the time that the transfer is completed, your domain name is renewed for another 12 months, thus adding an additional 12 months to the expiry date that’s on your domain name.

Why is the fee less than a regular transfer?
In order to assist customers in moving their domains from our legacy providers, we’re charging a cost-price fee for the transfer of your domain name. This special fee is lower than our regular transfer fee we charge for a gTLD transfer from another registrar.

Does the legacy domain migration process include a renewal for my domain name?
Yes, when you use the legacy domain migration process your domain will be renewed when the transfer process is completed.

We’ve developed an online support guide to assist customers with the process and provide answers to commonly asked questions. For customers utilising the legacy free DNS or URL/email forwarding service, we advise you to pay particular attention to the last point on our online support guide for further instructions.

Note: We have plans to extend the legacy domain name process to other legacy providers such as RealTime Register and eNom in the coming weeks.

Update (15th November 2012): We have extended this functionality to Realtime domain names as well.

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