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August 16 2017
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Supercharge Your Website With Resource Superchargers

PostedWednesday August 16th 2017

With the introduction of our new hosting plans, which are extremely powerful and generous in terms of resources allocated, you have the added benefit of providing your website with an extra kick by purchasing a Resource Supercharger. This provides your visitors with a faster and more pleasurable viewing experience so you’re able to worry about what matters most – your business, as it is your livelihood after all.

Our new shared hosting plans are all equipped with enterprise-grade hardware, including state of the art SAS SSD drives, which are up to twice as fast as their older SATA SSD counterparts. Many small websites such as personal blogs and start-up businesses will fit comfortably on these new plans, however in the case of high-powered WordPress, Magento or eCommerce websites, a Resource Supercharger may be required. 

Allocating more resources to your website costs only $9.95 a month. At this point in time, this is only available on the Premier plan, so if you were looking for more resources, you’ll firstly need to upgrade your plan to the next available one. If you’re unsure of the resources you’re using, you can check your CPU/Memory usage on the right hand side of your cPanel account.

What Are The Exact Specifications Of The Resource Supercharger If I Was To Purchase It?

If you’re on a Shared Hosting environment, the resource supercharger for the Premier plan is indeed quite powerful, as it will boost your CPU to 400% from 300%, RAM/Memory to 7GB/s from 6GB/s, and I/O to 7MB/s from 6MB/s.

For Resellers, you still have the option to enable a Resource Supercharger if you decided purchasing it was a viable option, but this would be more geared towards problematic accounts on your WHM that may be more resource intensive than others. In terms of the technical specifications, the resource supercharger will boost your CPU to 200% from 100%, RAM to 3GB/s from 2GB/s, I/O to 3MB/s from 2MB/s and also costs $9.95 per month.

If these terms are confusing, don’t stress! In laymen’s terms, they’re quite simple to understand:

  • CPU (Central Processing Unit) refers to the amount of cores allocated to your service which executes the programs and scripts needed to run on your website.
  • RAM (Random Access Memory) refers to the amount of processes that your website can be running concurrently in high speed memory, rather than accessing from disk (which is slower).
  • I/O (Input/Output processes)  refers to the speed in which your website can write and read files from the disk, to memory. 

When Will I Know If I Need The Resource Supercharger?

The resource supercharger is tailor made for websites that have outgrown their resource limits, or simply need an extra boost if deemed a viable option. It can be a difficult decision to determine whether or not a resource addon is worth the purchase. To better justify an answer on whether you need the resource answer, weigh up a few other things such as:

  • Do I have a lot of plugins running on the site?
  • Am I getting a lot of traffic?
  • Is there a huge amount of concurrent visitors on the website at one given time?
  • Are we about to do any promotional offers or events on our website?

With all of our plans being geared with enterprise-level SAS SSD drives, there are also several other ways you can speed up your website. These include website optimisation, routing your traffic through Cloudflare’s CDN and utilising caching plugins for Magento and WordPress. With all these in place, the resource supercharger becomes the cherry on top of a very delicious, and scrumptious cake.

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