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September 10 2014
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Supercharging servers with LiteSpeed

PostedWednesday September 10th 2014

The Australian web hosting market is highly competitive and there’s a continuous demand for product and service innovation. At the beginning of 2012 VentraIP set out to find a means of improving our hosting service offering for Business and WHM Mutli Reseller services, to supercharge the performance of our servers and deliver an increasingly reliable service. During this time one of the solutions immediately recognised was that of LiteSpeed web server with its ability to deliver raw speed and something our competitors were not offering; allowing VentraIP to become the first Australian cPanel web host to power our servers with LiteSpeed Web Server and set a trend for other providers to follow.

Today VentraIP is a LiteSpeed Technologies Partner and we have recently announced that we are bringing this service improvement to all Economy servers as well. The quality and performance of the LiteSpeed product is backed by cPanel’s commitment in June 2014 to provide official support for the Apache replacement product; re-enforcing that we made the best choice possible for our clients, in 2012, to become Australia’s first cPanel web host to deliver LiteSpeed.

The implementation of LiteSpeed on Business and WHM Multi Reseller services to date has helped us to improve our product delivery to ensure we meet the demands of our clients in a world where website performance is paramount. The implementation of the LiteSpeed Web Server product has delivered measurable performance improvements across our fleet when compared to the traditional Apache backend, representing greater than 50% increases in performance. In a nutshell this means that we can deliver your webpages to more of your clients and with greater speed, than a traditional Apache web host can. For you this means that our servers can facilitate a greater number of concurrent visitors to your website, which in turn translates to greater profit potential for your business.

To see the official benchmarks for static content please visit the LiteSpeed blog.

VentraIP Australia Business Hosting

Having already received the benefits of LiteSpeed Web Server over the past 2 years, VentraIP is bringing you even greater enhancements to your service through cutting edge technology. In August we began the roll-out of our new DELL Cloud Based Hardware with Intel Enterprise SSD storage, and some lucky customers are already experiencing the benefits of this latest generation product. You can be guaranteed that with VentraIP we’re delivering on our promise of supplying only enterprise grade SSD drives (currently Intel DC3500), where some other providers will only use desktop consumer grade product! We refuse to compromise on performance and long-term reliability.

If you haven’t yet made the switch to VentraIP Business hosting, now is an excellent time to do so. You’ll enjoy the benefits of LiteSpeed Web Server and PHP 5.5 (improve your speed with OP Code caching), SSD driven DELL Cloud Hardware, 24/7 priority support plus much more.

LiteSpeed Available for Virtual Private Servers

We’ve recently added LiteSpeed licenses to our arsenal of VPS addons. If you have an existing VPS with VentraIP and you’re interested in installing LiteSpeed to improve your website performance, please get in touch with our Billing team. LiteSpeed licenses are available from just $19.95 per month.

VentraIP Business Web Hosting with cPanel delivers a quality, fast and reliable service which Australian businesses demand. Providing an optimised environment to support anything from a WordPress website through to a full blown Magento online store, VentraIP provides you with a service which allows you to spend more time working with your clients and less time worrying about your online services. Make the switch to a VentraIP Business Web Hosting service with cPanel today from just $24.95 per month.

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