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May 24 2012
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Temporary suspension of all new Business hosting services

PostedThursday May 24th 2012

Customers should be aware that until further notice our popular Business and BusinessPLUS cPanel web hosting services are not available for new customers to order, or for existing customers to upgrade to.

Our CEO, Cheyne Jonstone, explains the reason behind this suspension:

We’ve made the decision to suspend new signups and upgrades to these services due to several complaints from existing customers who are not satisfied with the performance of the service. I take feedback from our customers very seriously, and recently I heard from one particular customer, who has been a Business customers of ours for nearly four years, describe our Business service as “declining” and believed that they were not getting the same level of customer service that they had become accustomed to.

As a CEO, you never want to hear your customers tell you that they’re not happy with the service you’re providing, and while sometimes the case with our customers where expectations do not match the product they are paying for, our Business customers are entitled to expect a high quality of service backed by the very best customer service.

We have always been proud of our product quality and customer service, and I can assure all of our customers that we take issues like this very seriously and are not afraid to act when the going gets tough.

I’ve tasked my Chief Technical Officer and Chief Operating Officer with solving all issues that are currently troubling Business customers, and have asked all Level 1 Customer Care team members to report any issues that our Business customers are having direct to us, so that action can be taken and we are aware of exactly what is going on.

Until we are completely satisfied that the service is back on track, we will not be allowing new customers to sign up to this service or allow existing customers to upgrade to it. I will also be writing to all of our Business customers to let them know that we are on the case and have not abandoned them or our core service values.

We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause, and we will let you know when our Business services are back on the market.

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