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October 3 2012
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Updates to the Wholesale System from week 1

PostedWednesday October 3rd 2012

It has been just over a week since our Wholesale System opened its doors to the public. Based on your feedback, we’ve made some improvements to the system and we thought it fitting to have a ‘week in review’ and share some of the new features and updates on the Wholesale System.

Sorting of domain names

It’s not an obvious change, but the columns on the ‘Domain Name Management’ can be sorted. Simply click on the column you’d like to sort by, and like magic, the list will be sorted. Click it again and you can reverse the sort order. This allows you to quickly view the domain names that are due to expire soon, and group common domain statuses together:

Preview your Interface design

Want to see what your transfer page, parking page or any other custom pages look like? You can now preview how your interface design will look. Head to Wholesale System > Your Account > Interface, and click on the ‘Previews’ section to see what they look like. There may be a slight delay in previewing your changes, so give it a few minutes before you try viewing the design.

In addition to this, we now have a CSS/HTML Guide to show you what elements (also known as HTML tags) you need to use in your CSS to control the styling of page elements:


See what the merge fields are when editing your email templates

We’ve added a legend to show you what merge fields are available when creating or editing your email templates, to ensure that you are providing all the information you can to your customers:


Know when our API documents were updated

When was the API document last updated? Am I using the most current version? How do I know when they last changed it? All these questions are now a thing of the past. When viewing the API Information section through Wholesale System > Your Account > API Information, the last updated date of the documentation is shown – so you can see at a glance whether you’re working with the latest API documentation:


WHMCS registry-based domain availability checker

Customers now have access to our registry-based domain availability checker to use in WHMCS. Previously, you were required to use a generic Whois server to check for availability – which more often than not can return incorrect or invalid data. Our WHMCS registry-based domain availability checker uses a connection directly to the registries to check for domain availability, resulting in data that is valid and correct, whilst offering true real-time results.

To protect Resellers and ensure that the registry-based domain availability checker returns data in real-time, we only allowed white-listed IP addresses access to the checker. You can whitelist the IP address of the server you have WHMCS installed on as well as  find information on implementing our registry-based domain availability checker into WHMCS through Wholesale System > API Information > WHMCS Domain Availability Checker:


Import a CSV file for Bulk Domain Transfers

We’ve found that many customers are wanting to move domain names across from other registrars quickly and easily, and we’re proud to announce the ability to initiate a bulk domain transfer through a CSV file. Gone are the days of copying and pasting domain names and their respective passwords. Now all you need to do is create a CSV with the domain name and the password (some registrar’s will allow you to export this information from their control panel), then head to Wholesale System > Domain Names > Bulk Transfer and click on the ‘Upload a CSV’ option:


Send feature requests to our team

If you want to see something that’s not available in the Wholesale System yet, please let us know. Head to Wholesale System > Secure Messages > Create Messages and select the ‘Feature Request’ category. You never know, you might see your request on next week’s Wholesale System update!

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