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September 17 2012
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Wholesale Feature: Email Log Viewer

PostedMonday September 17th 2012

With the release of our Wholesale System imminent, this week we will be publishing some of the features that we’ve built in to the system.

Have you ever used a wholesale or reseller system where the provider says a domain name was sent out, but there is no proof for you to see or to give to your customer? That issue will be a thing of the past when using VentraIP’s Wholesale System, as you have the ability to view the raw log files for every email that is sent to you and your customer, giving you peace of mind in knowing that important notices are being delivered on time.

The raw logs show that the email was generated by the system, entered the SMTP delivery service, and was accepted by the remote server for delivery. This is a great tool when resolving issues with clients where they claim they did not receive an email.

We are sure that our wholesale customers will find this feature very useful!


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