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December 11 2012
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Wholesale System Updates

PostedTuesday December 11th 2012

Just a quick post to let our Wholesale System customers know of a few updates that we’ve pushed into the Wholesale System.

Telephone numbers no longer need to be in international format

Based on our reseller feedback, we no longer require telephone numbers to be in an international format when supplied for domain registrations, transfers or contact updates via the Wholesale System. Simply enter in the telephone number and we’ll convert it on the fly!

Annoying ‘dropdown box resetting itself’ bug squashed

Yay! That pesky, little annoying bug that would reset the drop-down box to the default option if you encountered an error has been fixed once and for all. We will now remember the option if there is an error, saving you from having to re-enter your name server options again.

Wholesale System Registration Name Server Dropdown

Welcome HTML email templates

Maybe it deserved it’s own blog post, maybe it didn’t? Either way, we’re happy because you’re happy that you can now set HTML email templates in the Wholesale System.

Head to Wholesale System > Your Account > You have the ability to set HTML emails now via the Wholesale System

In a couple of weeks we’ll be including a WYSIWYG editor to help you, but until that’s there, use your most dandy HTML editing program (or hand-craft if you’re clever enough!) to spruce up the emails that are sent to your customers. Whilst you’re at it, don’t forget to set the SPF records on your domain name too.

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