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August 29 2017
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4 Reasons You Should Be Using HTTPS - You Won't Believe #4!

PostedTuesday August 29th 2017

What’s the Difference Between HTTP and HTTPS?

HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is a protocol used to send and receive information from websites to your browser. HTTP alone does not utilise any form of encryption and is therefore sent in plain-text. This means it’s easy for attackers to intercept data destined for your browser, and read the packets, which can include passwords and credit card numbers.

HTTPS (Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is a secure alternative to HTTP, as it provides security for transactions and other sensitive information that may be sent to and from your website. Unlike HTTP, if anyone was to intercept information sent via HTTPS, it would not be read in plain text and would instead be encrypted, ensuring that the data is safe.

Reason #1 – Improve Your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Google introduced HTTPS as a ranking signal back in 2014, which means that any site using HTTPS over HTTP may rank higher in search engine results, even if there are pages that may be more relevant to your search query.

Don’t forget to create a relevant robots.txt file to ensure that your HTTPS pages can be crawled by Google and indexed in their search database! If you’re not sure what a robots.txt file is, we recommend reading Google’s helpful guide for more info.

Reason #2 – Keep Your Data Safe

One of the worst possible things that could happen to your business is having your website hacked and your customers’ data stolen because you didn’t invest the time to implement the appropriate security measures.

One of the easiest ways to protect your data is to move over to HTTPS and join the millions of other websites who are safe behind an up-to-date SSL certificate. HTTPS ensures that any data transferred between your website and your visitors’ browser is robust and less easily intercepted, helping to prevent any unexpected attacks that may put you at risk.

Reason #3 – Gain Your Visitors’ Trust

Using HTTPS is not only a major benefit for you and your services, but also greatly enhances the way that your visitors perceive the security of your website whilst they’re browsing. Studies have shown that consumers are far more likely to purchase from an eCommerce website that they trust so you should always invest the time to reinforce the idea of safety to your potential customers!

If you’re still not a believer, we recommend tracking your cart abandonment in Google Analytics (or something similar) and comparing the results before and after installing a brand new SSL Certificate and making the move over to HTTPS. The illustrious green bar provided after moving to HTTPS can be the difference between you and a successful transaction with a new customer.

Reason #4 – It’s Free!

Everybody loves free things and while free may not always be the best option for you or your business, it’s definitely the easiest option with VentraIP Australia! If you’re gearing up to move over to HTTPS then you’ll want to set up a Comodo-issued SSL certificate that comes free with our latest range of web hosting services, especially now that they’re fully-endorsed by cPanel!

Be sure to check out our recent blog post where we discuss the pros and cons of a paid SSL Certificate and whether you should be using one.

How Can I Get Started?

The transition over to HTTPS can sometimes be a little tricky when you’re dealing with an established website that isn’t being completely rebuilt from the ground-up. Cutting corners and making mistakes can be detrimental to your website and could even result in mixed content warnings!

Before making any changes to your website, we always recommend consulting with your developer to prevent any unexpected issues from occurring during the transition process. Remember the 8 easy tips for dealing with developers and you’ll have your website moved over to a secure connection before you know it!

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