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November 1 2017
Tips and Tricks

4 Ways To Promote Your Website Online

PostedWednesday November 1st 2017

Last updated: May 2019

It’s no secret that having a strong online presence is important for any business, however, many business owners are unaware of the most efficient ways to promote their businesses online and drive it towards success.

You may have your business structure in place – knowing what to sell and how to sell it, and your website might look aesthetically pleasing, but that’ll do you little good if you aren’t driving people to your site.

If you’re ready to get your feet off the ground, here are 5 ways to effectively promote your website online.

1. Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the metaphorical equivalent to the Greek gods of the 21st century. Everything we see, read and listen to either ends up on Facebook or Instagram and is shared between its massive user bases of people all over the world.

As of June 2017, Facebook had 2.01 billion monthly Facebook users, so it makes sense to utilise a tool that is so widely used to promote your business. Instagram also has an ever-growing audience, so taking photos of your business’ daily activities and uploading them for everybody’s viewing pleasure allows you to reach people from all over the world.

Posting on social media free and the rewards you reap come from the effort you put into it.
You can also utilise Facebook’s ads program if you wanted to invest in some further marketing opportunities.

2. Adwords Search Marketing

Adwords are the paid ads that show up in search engines’ results before the organic results. Adwords can be a powerful marketing channel as search engines are often people’s first port of call when looking for a business.

When running an Adwords campaign, you pay for certain keywords related to your website and allows your website to appear in the search results when people type in those keywords. It can be relatively inexpensive and a great way to see immediate results.

The way Adwords functions is through quality score and bidding. Quality score essentially determines how relevant your ad is to the searcher and the keyword(s) they’ve typed in. Google also keeps a history of how relevant this search term has been in the past and how many people have clicked on it and visited your website as a result.

3. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation is often ignored, despite the fact it’s an extremely powerful way to further push your website higher up the search engine results.

SEO is essentially the process of using a range of techniques to make your website appear higher in Google’s search rankings. This includes a few of the following:

  • Optimise your website for mobile users
  • Provide quality, original and well-researched content
  • Improve your website’s loading time
  • Use ALT tags

SEO can be a tedious and time-consuming process, but results are achievable so long as you stick to it. If you’re confused about what SEO is and need some helpful tips on how to further rank your website higher in search results, I’d recommend reading our article on how to on improving your search engine results.

4. Start A Blog

Starting a blog is quite easy to do, and it allows for visitors to engage with your website. When writing blog posts, it’s important that you write about topics related to your business, as this also ties in very well with SEO. There is no point writing about puppy dogs (although they are cute) when your website primarily deals with offering insurance consultancy. This is just bad practice and sends mixed contextual signals to Google.

Ensure that your content is well-researched, free of grammatical/spelling errors, and engages the reader. It is easier said than done, but when you have a weekly updated blog that discusses relevant content to your industry, the results can be outstanding.

We hope you can embrace these tips and use them to advance your business online. Focus on the areas that can most benefit your individual situation and just remember that our 24/7 Australian support team are always available for any hosting related issues.

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