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December 15 2014
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7 reasons why starting a blog should be your New Year's resolution

PostedMonday December 15th 2014

So you’re thinking of starting your own blog, so why not make it a New Year’s resolution? We’ve brought together some key reasons why you should jump in and get started in 2015!

  1. Develop your creative outlet

    You’re looking to find yourself a creative outlet and a blog is just that! Let your ideas and thoughts flow, developing on concepts you’ve long dwelled upon.

  2. Read more

    Another of your New Year’s resolutions may be to read more, and with blogging you’ll hit two birds with one stone. Blogging gets you into the swing of reading about topics relevant to your blog; news articles, journal papers, other blogs and general industry comments. After all, sometimes you need a little inspiration.

  3. Improve your writing

    Haven’t had the chance to practice your writing recently, or always caught writing something uninteresting? Blogging gets you back into writing about what you care for and helps you develop your skills.

  4. Build your network

    You can never do too much networking and blogging takes this to the online sphere, complementing your engagement with social networks like LinkedIn. Connect with friends or new acquaintances through your writing, developing a new network of potential business partners, employers and friends.

  5. Improve your career prospects

    Through the benefits listed above, and provided your content is appropriate, your new blog could open a gateway to a new job or career. Your blog becomes your online CV, showcasing your skills, talents and interests which may pique the interest of potential employers. Just be careful with the content you post!

  6. Reflect on yourself

    If you’re not reflecting upon yourself and your thoughts, you’re missing an excellent opportunity to improve yourself and learn from your experiences. Maybe it’s time to keep a journal of what you’re doing and thinking, allowing you to reflect upon your experiences, learn from them and remember the good times and bad. It’s a way to see your progress and shape your goals moving forward.

  7. Help others

    There’s nothing more rewarding than helping others, and your blog can provide you with a tool to achieve this. Your content, regardless of what it is, will have meaning to others and will always serve a purpose. Whether you’re providing tips on cooking, a humourous story, thoughts on a political situation, or ideas for improving earth footprint, there is a always a meaning which can educate, inspire or entertain your readers. You may not think much of it, but your blog has the capacity to help others.

Start your 2015 on the right foot and launch your blog. With the new year soon to begin, focus on doing something for you and reap the benefits.

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