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July 28 2014
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Brand Protection for your business

PostedMonday July 28th 2014

In the modern era of digital marketing and sales, it’s important to protect your brand online. One of the critical areas to do this is to control the various domain name options for your business name, industry keywords and perhaps even your slogan.

Extension Hijacking

So you have your .COM.AU for your Australian business secured; but what about the alternatives such as .COM, .NET and .NET.AU? Are these domain names which you should consider to prevent a competitor jumping in and stealing your thunder? The answer is probably yes, you should register them if they are available. For just a couple of dollars per month you can register each domain name and point them at your website to funnel as much traffic in and protect your name from being hijacked by others.

Another important one to consider is .XXX which is primarily designed for the adult industry; this is an extension which is perhaps worth looking at and acquiring for your business name. Whilst you may not directly need it nor ever use it, by securing your brand.XXX you’re preventing someone from hosting content from that same domain which could impact on the perception of your business.


In addition to protecting your brand for your local market, is your business one which has the potential to expand overseas at a later time? If so, don’t take the risk and get those .COM and .NET registrations now; the .COM.AU and the .NET.AU domain names may be the only ones you need now, but happens in 3 years time when you launch to an international audience who don’t know of .COM.AU which is targeted from Australian visitors? By spending a few dollars now, you can save pain later in trying to either secure domain names someone else has gotten to first or even rebranding.


So you might own bikeshop.COM.AU, but what will occur if a user goes to bikesshop.COM.AU? Is there a risk that you will lose the sale because they’veĀ misspelled the domain name? If so, it is perhaps wise to pick up the most common potential for a misspelling, generally where two characters in a row but on two different words exist. This gives you piece of mind that even if they type in the wrong URL, they’ll end up on your store to purchase your products.

Abbreviations and Slogans

The final piece of the puzzle is to consider the abbreviations of your name and your primary slogan. Can your business name be abbreviated to something more simple thus making it easier to direct people to your website? If so, it might be worthwhile registering the most common one, this makes it very easy to name drop your domain name in a conversation and allow them to easily remember it to check it out later.

It’s important to remember that this advice should be taken on a case by case basis. Whilst some may not need to cover all bases, others may need to be sure they tick all the boxes in their quest to dominate their market. Adding more and more domain names to the mix will start to add up, but if it’s a cost to protect your business and ensure all of your potential clients filter through to your website, then with time you will recover those costs and more.

With VentraIP you can secure .COM.AU and .NET.AU domain names for just $12.48 per year, and a .COM for $11.95 per year. Get your domain names today with VentraIP which include Free ID Protection (on applicable extensions), Free DNS Hosting, and Free Email & URL Forwarding – for more informationĀ visit this link.

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