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March 5 2020
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Choosing a Business Email Address

PostedThursday March 5th 2020

If you’re currently using Gmail, Bigpond or another email account for your business email address, we need you to stop and listen. It’s time to bring your business email address into the 21st century and get yourself a custom domain for your business.

Email is easily the primary method of communication for most businesses these days. Quotes, information, attachments, and conversations are all shared via email, between colleagues, business partners, contacts and new customers.

It makes sense, then, to have an email address that represents your brand and company, that’s easy to remember and share.

Domain Names

The first part of your business email address is picking the domain. This is what you’d use for your website (if you have one), as well as your email address.

Depending on availability, it makes sense to choose something that matches your business name:

  • Harry’s plastering business could be for example, or
  • Sally’s accounting firm could be for example, or

Alternatively, if you’re lucky enough to find something available, you could choose something that matched your industry and location:


Either way, you want the domain to be something that is recognisable, not too long, and relevant to your business.

Email Addresses

Once you have the domain, you can set up your business email address. Keeping it simple and short makes it easier for people to remember and use.

Consider vs – one looks much more professional and recognisable than the other, right?


You don’t need a website, of course – you can just use the domain name for your email address. But if you have the time, knowledge, budget and desire, you can also create a website for your business. Check out our other blogs for info on that!

business email address

Are you ready to set up your business email address?

We’re running an offer exclusively for our blog readers! Whether you want email hosting with us, or to set up your own Google Workspace account, we can help!

We’re giving you 25% off your first invoice when you use the code VIPMAIL25 when purchasing email hosting or a GSuite account.

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  • No maximum 
  • Offer excludes renewals and transfers 
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