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July 14 2014
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Getting Professional - Securing a domain for your email to improve your business

PostedMonday July 14th 2014

It is all too easy to register a free email account to launch your business, but if you’re looking for a professional option then your own dot com is a must have. There are many reasons why you should get your own dot com for your business emails, but here are a few.

Professional Branding

The perception of a business is often the first thing people look at, and with an address it is hard to look professional. When a potential client contacts you, or you respond to them, their perception of your business will be greater when it comes from a uniquely branded email address. By using your own dot com, such as, you’re pushing a unique and established brand name to create an impressionable first contact.

Trust with your clients

Many of the popular free email services are targeted by automated spam bots to sign up to services for use of mass spam delivery. This impacts on the reputation of that email product and can result in some spam and malware filters ignoring emails sent from that provider. As a result, if you’re relying on that platform to send your emails, you may find yourself unable to deliver them to many of your recipients for hours or even days.

By opting for your own dot com email address on a dedicated email hosting platform, you’re less likely to run into this sort of issue. If your business relies on worry free sending and receiving, you cannot afford to leave your email delivery in the hands of a free host which can be so easily impacted by spammers.

Compliance and Security

The question is whether everything you want to do now or into the future is allowed through use of a free email account? The question is likely no. Using a free email provider raises eyebrows over security and compliance matters as they can be an easy target for hackers. If you’re hosting financial or federal data from a free email provider, is that something you need to reconsider on both a compliance level (is it legal?) and security level (is it secure?). By taking out your own dot com and hosting it from a reputable Australian Email and Web Hosting provider, you’re taking the steps needed to help meet the needs of your business.


Lastly, if you have your own business email address it’s a lot more memorable – it’s easier to remember than It rolls off the tongue.

It’s a no brainer right?

When it comes down to it, a domain name registration whether it’s a .COM or a .COM.AU costs no more than a couple of dollars per month to give you:

  • Professional Branding
  • Trust with your clients
  • Compliance
  • Security
  • Memorable

Bundle your domain name registration with a Web Hosting service which includes Email, or with a dedicated Email Hosting product, and you’ve increased it to the cost of a coffee per month. That’s not too much to ask for a more identifiable email address which your clients can trust.

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