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September 25 2018
Tips and Tricks

How to Hire a Digital Agency

PostedTuesday September 25th 2018

There are over six thousands marketing agencies in Australia. With so many options out there, how do make the right choice for your business?

To help, we’ll go over some common mistakes people make when hiring an agency as well as give you our top tips you can follow to ensure your experience with hiring an agency is a positive one. Let’s get cracking!

Look for an agency with industry expertise

The average digital agency might work with a restaurant one day and a pharmaceutical manufacturer the next. While these agencies can get the job done, they never work within an industry for long enough to really understand it’s intricacies and the customers they serve.

By choosing an agency with expertise in your industry, you can cut out the trial and error time and start seeing results faster as they should already have some experience with what works and what doesn’t.

Jack of all trades – master of none

Many small web shops tout themselves as “Full-Service Agencies” and offer every service under the sun.

jack of all trades

“You need a video? We can do it. You want an app? We’ll figure it out.”

The problem with this type of agency is that they never focus on a particular service long enough to get really proficient at it and often deliver work that’s sub-par.

If you’re after a specific service, go to an agency that specialises in that offering. That way the finished product will be of higher quality and you avoid an agency learning how to do something they’ve never done before on your dime.

You’re buying outcomes, not ticking boxes

Every business owner knows they need a website and an online presence. So they hire an agency to provide those deliverables just to tick a box.

The reality is that it’s not stuff you need but results. A website that doesn’t generate new business is no good to anyone.

When hiring an agency, look for a company that is focused on strategy and providing outcomes instead of simply pumping out work that doesn’t help you get closer to your end goals.

The trick is to constantly be asking ‘Why are we doing this?’. If the answer is ‘Everyone else is doing Facebook marketing’, then they’re probably not the right agency for you.

You get what you pay for

People often have unreal expectations about the real cost of purchasing digital services.

They want to build the next big social media app and for it to include VR, AR, AI and a bunch of other buzzwords…. and they want to spend $2000.

client expectations

Even if there’s an agency out there stupid enough to take on that project, the end result will be lackluster and you’ll most likely have to start over with a more realistic budget.

For quality work, be prepared to stump up the cash. You’ll be rewarded with a higher quality product that will perform better and have a longer shelf life.

What’s their own marketing like?

There’s a saying that “Cobbler’s children have no shoes”. This is an excuse agencies use when their own marketing isn’t up to scratch, but it is a poor excuse.

If an agency can’t market themselves right, what can you expect from them when it comes to marketing your business. Not a lot.

Choose an agency that has their own marketing on point and be wary of those who can’t walk their own talk.

Are they a good brand fit?

Your brands’ values and agencies values need to be aligned if your messaging is going to resonate and be genuine. That means they should be able to speak in the same tone of voice that you speak to your customers in.

not cool

If you’re trying to reach millennials and the only clients your agency has are stuffy corporates, then you may not be the right fit for each other.

Go overseas or hire locally?

There’s no right or wrong answer.

Overseas companies can be cheaper than hiring Australian based agencies and can do just as good a job.

On the other hand, there’s an endless number of horror stories about companies hiring offshore only to be let down by the results.  

Make sure you follow your due diligence and follow the steps outlined above.

Now that you have a framework for hiring an agency, it might be time to reevaluate your current situation or finally make the leap of hiring someone to help with your online marketing.

If you’re wanting to do it yourself, have a look at our website builder, the VIPBuilder,  which can help anyone get online with no previous experience of building websites.

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