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August 28 2018
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WWW: An Introduction To Web Hosting

PostedTuesday August 28th 2018

Last updated: August 2019

The realm of domains and web hosting can appear a complex one to the untrained eye, and although the intricacies of each are quite detailed, the underlying premise is relatively simple. Here you will find a straightforward outline of each, as well as an overall assessment as to why they are crucial aspects of a website’s performance.

Domain Names

Essentially, a domain name converts your website’s unique IP address into a language that anyone can understand. This then becomes the name that people associate with your brand and is what they will enter in their browser when they want to reach your site.

As an example, I am going to refer back to an ancient relic known as the yellow pages. Basically, the phonebook itself represents the internet in all of its binary glory, and each of the addresses contained within, are the websites that individuals search for. It is far easier to remember the name of the business than the specific address, right?

Local Domain Names

  1. and These domain names require an ABN or ACN to be registered.
  2. Can only be obtained by eligible not-for-profit organisations.
  3.  For personal, non-commercial use.
  4. Reserved for everyone’s favourite… political parties.
  5. Solely for education and training providers.

For some further eligibility information, be sure to visit AUDA’s website (The governing body for .au domain names)

Web Hosting

A necessity when it comes to connecting people to your website. The primary role of a web host is to store all of your website’s files in one convenient location, ideally on a protected server that is securely locked away within a high-tech data centre.

As well as choosing a web host, you will also be tasked with selecting the right type of hosting service. There are some different variations available, with each being tailored towards a certain type of customer.

1. Shared Hosting

The most frequently used form of hosting, the shared environment can be described as an apartment block where every room within represents a different account. If you are worried about your neighbour’s actions impacting your apartment, don’t be. Our good friend Cloud Linux makes sure that your service is sealed off from others so that you have full control over your resources. 

2. VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting

Providing a bit more space than the apartment block of shared hosting, a VPS grants users their own virtual machine (VM) which offers considerable improvements to both control and flexibility. A VPS is great for hosting multiple sites or a significantly larger website, as it can handle larger amounts of traffic and provide you with more storage space. 

3. Dedicated Hosting

The most exclusive option available. Dedicated hosting gives users an entirely independent server that they can do with as they please. This level of hosting is completely customisable and requires more advanced knowledge of servers. This is why it is generally reserved for larger companies with their own hot-shot team of server administrators.

Domains + Hosting = Optimum Connectivity

These two go together like VentraIP Australia and quality customer service. Basically, if you want your website to have any chance of reaching your target audience you are going to have to invest in a reliable web host who can help connect your carefully-crafted domain name to the worldwide web.  

For more information regarding how your domain name is actually connected to your website, feel free to check out this article on DNS.

From a marketing perspective, hosting has become a vital component for any business looking to succeed online. If your website’s performance is not up to standard then that reflects poorly on your brand. In contrast, giving users an exceptional experience will provide them with positive associations that they’re sure to share with others.

Essentially, it all comes down to understanding how your website is configured and what resources it will require. Having this knowledge will help ensure that you can select a hosting plan that can best support your operations on the world wide web.

All of our shared hosting plans and their associated resources can be viewed here. Or if you are after the comfort and flexibility of your own server, take a look at our Fully-Managed VPS plans.

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