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June 14 2017
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Why You Need A UX Strategy When Building Your Website

PostedWednesday June 14th 2017

Last updated: June 2019

User Experience design is a practice and methodology in which end users are placed front and centre in all stages of the product design process. It’s about designing products that don’t just look great, but are also a pleasure to use, are intuitive and help people solve their problems.  

User’s happiness isn’t the only goal though, happy users are good for business too. That said, here are the main reasons you need to start implementing a user experience strategy into your business.  

User Experience Can Be A Competitive Advantage

A stellar UX can differentiate your business and can often be the defining factor someone would choose you over a competitor. Research also shows customers are willing to pay more for a product or service if they receive a positive customer experience when interacting with your business.

Achieve Your Core Business Goals

A product that people love interacting with can increase customer retention, conversion rates, referrals and reduce bounce rates. UX design can also help you uncover ways to upsell and cross sell products, opening your business up to new sources of revenue.

User Research Can Explain The “Why” Behind Your Data

Analytics can offer information such as how long people spend on your website, what pages they visited and where they come from but doesn’t go as far as answering questions about customers’ motivations, psychology and levels of satisfaction. User research can unlock this information as well as offer insights into where your business can improve and how you can better serve your customers.

One Size No Longer Fits All

People are accessing your website from different devices, be it laptops, tablets or mobile phones.  This means more than ever, you need to consider the experience your customers are having on multiple screen sizes. Failing to do so is neglecting a large number of your user base and only driving them towards your competitors who have realised the age of one size fits all websites is well and truly over.

UX Research Can Help You Better Understand Your Customers

Carrying out UX research can uncover what features and benefits your customers wish you provided, why your customers are using your products and what features you should drop and which ones you should focus more on.

UX Design Can Be Fun and Easy

Getting started with UX design isn’t a difficult process, you are likely already doing some when going about your day to day business. Talking to users, coming up with hypotheses and gathering feedback is all considered user research and part of the UX design process.

Increase Your Sales By Testing Your Website

While design is often seen as a dark art, this doesn’t have to be the case. A scientific approach can be added to design and user experiences by introducing A/B testing in order to track and measure different designs. A/B testing is the process of displaying variations of your designs to end users and seeing how they react differently to each variation, allowing you to ultimately select and stick with the most successful design.  

Optimise Your Web Traffic

Many companies put a huge amount of resources into getting people onto their website, however put little effort into improving their website’s conversion rates, bounce rates and levels of interaction. A user experience strategy can boost these metrics which will ultimately boost your bottom line.  

Given that they are the ones being targeted, customers should always be top of mind when developing a website. Their experience dictates your success and your level of success depends on the quality of your product. Start out on the right foot with one of our SAS SSD enterprise-grade web hosting plans.

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