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December 12 2018
Tips and Tricks

Web Hosting Myths

PostedWednesday December 12th 2018

On the surface, the hosting industry may seem foreign to a lot of newcomers. With unheard of terminology and mysterious products, it is easy to get lost amongst all the clutter.

Lurking beneath all of this uncertainty is the truth, which will be uncovered below as we dissect the most common hosting myths…

       1. You need to have experience in order to build a website 

Many people contact us referring to themselves as ‘technically challenged’ or saying that they are ‘not a techy person’. It is certainly understandable to feel out of your depth when it comes to all of the new phrases and processes that you are faced with when setting up a website, but the truth is you can create and manage a website with absolutely zero experience coming in.

The evolution of the industry means that website development and hosting management is being tailored more towards the mass market, which is resulting in a real focus on user-friendly systems.

       2. Your web hosting and domain name have to be hosted with the same provider

A lot of the time hosting providers will encourage you to register or transfer your domain name to them and obviously you can’t blame them for doing so. Whilst this is the most convenient option from a management perspective, you do not actually have to have your domain and web hosting in the same place.

In fact, you can have your domain, web hosting and email hosting all with separate providers if you really wanted to. At the end of the day, it comes down to finding the provider that can offer you the best of each service.

       3. Get the cheapest domain and hosting available since they all do the same thing

One thing you always need to consider is what is actually included in the base price that you are paying for.

Do you get DNS management? Can you set up domain forwarders for free? Is there an SSL certificate included? Is the renewal price the same? Do you have access to backups?

These are questions that you should be asking any provider that you consider, as you do not want to be accumulating all of these extra charges. With that being said, cheaper doesn’t necessarily mean that these extra’s won’t be included in the price. Ultimately, it comes down to the capabilities of the provider and the services that they are offering.

       4. A higher priced plan means that it must be better quality

We couldn’t cover the above point without considering the contrasting view. Generally, more expensive is perceived as being higher quality, which is not always the case. Just like any industry, the prices that companies offer are largely dependent on their own internal resources, suppliers, finances and goals, amongst other factors.

Gaining an understanding of what individual costs include is the key to finding out whether the higher price is actually worth the investment.

       5. ‘Unlimited’ Resources

Nothing is ever infinite and the same rule applies to resources on a web hosting plan. Whenever you do see the term ‘unlimited’, you need to consider the true meaning. In a hosting context, unlimited means you can use as much as you like until you reach the limits that are available on the backend of your plan.

Whilst there are some resources that you will never reach (Provided that you are on the right plan) there are some that you should watch out for. In particular, the term ‘unlimited storage space’ provides a false sense of security that can lead to issues when your plans ‘invisible’ limit is reached.

There are plenty of hosting aspects that need to be carefully considered and most importantly questioned, which is why you should never settle on the initial hosting provider that you inquire with.  Do the research, uncover your own truths and you will find a plan that is the right fit for what you are looking to accomplish.

The quality of our hosting products is most certainly not a myth. Get yours today and turn your ideas into reality!

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