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August 24 2012
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Economy, Business and Reseller customers now have access to CloudFlare

PostedFriday August 24th 2012

Today we’re pleased to announce that CloudFlare has been enabled across our Economy, Business and Reseller services. Some Business and Economy clients have had the ability to use the service for a while, but as of today all clients have access additional protection and acceleration offered by CloudFlare.

You can enable CloudFlare by logging into your cPanel account, navigating to the Software/Services section and clicking on the CloudFlare icon. It really is that simple!

As an added benefit to our Reseller clients, we’ve created the ability for Reseller’s to disable their client’s from enabling CloudFlare by turning off the CloudFlare option in their WHM Feature Manager. If you do choose to offer it to your clients, we have taken precautionary measures and ensured that there is no mention of us in your client’s cPanel account.

There are a variety of advantages in using CloudFlare, but in most cases it will make your website load 30% faster, assist in bot and threat protection by stopping malicious threats before they reach your site as well as giving you powerful analytic tools to assess your internet traffic.

In the coming weeks we anticipate a roll out CloudFlare’s Railgun which will help to optimise (and speed up!) the delivery of your website content that cannot be cached.

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