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February 16 2015
Tips and Tricks

5 ways to make the most out of Social Media

PostedMonday February 16th 2015

Social Media is huge, and if you’re not doing everything you can to make the most out of it you’re losing sale opportunities and the race against your competitors. When you’re investigating a new product or stumble upon a new business, you’ll often check out their brand via social media. You do this to find out more about their brand, culture, product and potentially you’re looking for special offers.

You stumble upon their social media channels and they’re out of date, lacking content and lacking engagement, so you move on. Therefore it’s critical for you to utilise social media to its full capacity and develop it as a strength of your business. Here are some tips to achieve that.

  1. Complete your company profile

    It seems like common sense, but more often than not businesses get excited about diving into social media and neglect their company profile. Make sure you have an informative background of your business, but don’t overdo it. This could be a first impression for your business, a potential client is going to have 30 seconds to get to know your business, so make it count.

    Ensure you have additional contact details (email address, phone number and address) listed, just in case they need to contact you directly!

  2. Be professional

    It may be social media, but it’s not like your personal account. That means you need to remain professional, within the scope or context of your business model, and take care with the content you post and how you deliver it. Always avoid anything political or religious, unless that’s the industry you’re involved in – don’t pick sides, because there’s always going to be 50% of people who oppose. Keep it simple, keep it professional.

  3. Make your page likeable

    Why should someone follow your page? Give people a reason to follow you and to share the content you post. Whether that’s through informative updates about your products and services, giveaways, promotions or to assist in customer service, there needs to be a reason why users should be following your page.

  4. Engagement

    To go with point 3, ensure you’re engaging with your clients frequently and constructively. Encourage users to like, comment and share, then leverage these activities to further engage. The golden rule is to ensure you address questions or statements addressed to your business, whether good or bad. Utilise bad comments or feedback to positively address a users concerns, don’t dismiss them.

    The more you engage with your existing users, the greater reach you will have and this will snowball into greater volumes of engagement.

  5. Be consistent

    Make sure you remain consistent across all of your communication mediums. Utilise a unified design and brand message to develop your branding and make it memorable. Then make sure you’re posting your content across all of your social media channels, don’t let any flounder. Post to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all in one go, there are apps for that!

By utilising the points above, you’re going to give your social media presence a kick start. With so many businesses engaging in social media it is critical to get your brand out there, but more importantly that you do it properly. Know your audience and deliver the content they want.

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