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August 8 2017
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What Is R1Soft and How Do I Use It?

PostedTuesday August 8th 2017

With the recent release of Australia’s fastest web hosting, all of our customers who are hosted on this platform (regardless of their plan) now have access to an amazing resource known as R1Soft CDP Backups, granting them the ability to restore their account without needing to access one of our legacy backups.

Why Do I Need To Backup My Website?

Having backups of your service in this day-and-age is extremely important to ensure that your online business is protected against any unexpected misfortunes, such as hacking attempts, rogue developers, and any number of surprise exploits.  It also covers you in the unfortunate situation where you or somebody else makes the mistake of deleting an important file or email (sorry boss!).

R1Soft CDP also gives you the ability to restore any specific directory, including email, public_html (that’s where all your website content is) and many other important directories. This means that the brand-new WordPress post you just added to your website won’t need to be rolled back if you accidentally delete an important file or entire directory, thanks to R1Soft’s hourly backups.

The CDP in R1Soft CDP Backups stands for Continuous Data Protection. This means that you can rest easy knowing that at any hour of the day, your data is being backed up for you to restore at the click of a button! You simply need your cPanel username and password to access R1Soft’s hourly backups, making this an especially powerful tool if you’re a reseller as your end-users now have the ability to restore their own backups without you needing to intervene.

Won’t Hourly Backups Slow Down My Service?

You would think that, wouldn’t you? Definitely not!

R1Soft CDP is not only convenient but is also extremely resource-conscious, ensuring that it doesn’t use up the allocated resources associated with your plan. This is possible because R1Soft CDP performs a block-level backup, which is much more efficient than backing up at the file-system level. Backups are never temporarily stored on the local server (like cPanel backups are) and are transmitted directly to the R1Soft server. Each backup taken is incremental, meaning that only new changes to your files are copied and that backups complete significantly faster, causing less disruption to your hosting service!

Located on completely separate hardware, our R1Soft CDP servers will ensure that even if something happens to your website’s hardware, you’ll still have access to your backups without any issues.

Sounds Good, How Do I Get Started With R1Soft?

Every VentraIP Australia customer on our brand new Web Hosting Platform can access their R1Soft backups right now. Simply log into your cPanel account and click the R1Soft icon found on the dashboard of your hosting service.

R1Soft CDP is what every business owner needs. Giving you the ability to focus on building your business while we keep your services safe and secure, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With our 45-day money-back guarantee on all Web Hosting services, now’s the perfect time to give R1Soft CDP Backups a try.

If you’re ever stressed or concerned about your data, relax and let our R1Soft CDP backups do the work for you.

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