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What are addon and parked domains?
Updated Wednesday September 9th 2020 / Category Domains

With many of our web hosting services, Addon and Parked domains are often one of the available features. Addon and Parked domains allow you to use additional domains (which you own/have registered) with your web hosting service for the purposes of redirection, mirroring and hosting other websites.

Addon and Parked domains are quite simple to setup and are done so via their respective icons within your cPanel.

Parked/Alias Domains

When a domain is setup as a Parked/Alias Domain it mirrors the content of the primary domain in the hosting account. This is useful when you own for example, both the .com and of your business name.

For more information on setting up your Parked Domains, please see this article.

Addon Domains

These allow you to host additional separate websites from your one hosting account. The files for the additional domains will be hosted within the one account, but to normal web viewers they will appear as completely separate websites.

For more information on setting up your Addon Domains, please see this article.

General Points

In both instances you can setup emails and redirects as you please. Please also remember that Addon and Parked Domains need to be pointed to our hosting servers in order to function and this is generally done through use of our VentraIP Web Hosting nameservers.

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