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What is web hosting or cPanel hosting?
Updated Thursday January 28th 2021 / Category Web Hosting General

Web hosting allows you to have a physical presence on the internet through the way of a website and customised email address. Without both a domain name and web hosting, having a fully branded website is not possible.

The web hosting provides you with a physical space on one of our servers in which you can store the files necessary to put your website on the internet for all to view. Your website will be a group of files which work together to deliver the content for your website visitors, and this of course requires a physical space in which to exist. The VentraIP Australia web hosting servers provide an always-on service to make your website available to people around the clock.

In addition, the VentraIP Australia web hosting service allows you to complete a range of different things such as send/receive/store email, automatically install new website tools, view your online visitor stats and much more.

Web hosting is a separate service from your domain name registration – read more about that here.

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