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What version of MySQL or MariaDB is available?
Updated Monday February 28th 2022 / Category Web Hosting

Version Support

The version of MySQL or MariaDB will be different, depending on whether or not you have a legacy hosting service or a new web hosting service.

Legacy Hosting services will have MySQL 5.6 available, and any new web hosting services will use MariaDB 10.2.

MariaDB/MySQL Compatibility

MariaDB is based on MySQL 5.7 and mostly backwards compatible. However, according to MariaDB’s documentation, there are some minor and usually inconsequential differences.

Can I change or upgrade the MySQL/MariaDB version?

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to change the version available on the server. If you’re on a legacy hosting service, you will need to upgrade to our new web hosting platform to take advantage of a newer MySQL version.

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