A SHARE OF $50,000 CASH! A SHARE OF $50,000 CASH!
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Our Partners

Brocade is keeping VentraIP Australia Connected

Brocade is a global leader in the design and development of digital and analog semiconductor connectivity solutions, with a focus on wired infrastructure, wireless communications, enterprise storage, and industrial markets.  

Their core product and service offerings include data centre networking, home connectivity, telecommunications equipment, data centre servers and storage, and broadband access.

With over 100 offices around the globe, Brocade is built on 50 years of innovation and collaboration and has become a global leader, known for engineering excellence.   

Every day, millions of devices around the world are enhanced by Brocade’s wireless solutions while their wired infrastructure products are used in the cloud, data centres and enterprise networks to empower big data, broadband, cloud services, video streaming, and other bandwidth-intensive applications.

Brocade’s Partnership With VentraIP Australia

VentraIP Australia uses best-in-class Brocade routers, with multiple layers of redundancy, 10Gbit interfaces to multiple transits and peering feeds, as well as 40Gbit aggregated links down to our switch stacks.

By enabling us to create an agile data centre architecture, we have been able to take advantage of significant power savings, a reduction in our hardware footprint, and a more reliable network that efficiently scales with our continued rapid growth.