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Our Partners

.NZ Registry Services is the New Zealand Domain Name Administrator, responsible for managing the .NZ domain namespace

.NZ Registry Services (NZRS) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of InternetNZ who manages the .NZ domain namespace. NZRS was formed in 2002 to operate and manage the registration of .NZ domain names as well as its associated DNS system. Following a best practice aspect for governance and registry operations policies, they aim for effective and fair management of the .NZ domain namespace. Being the manager of the .NZ domain country code and international representative of the ccTLD, NZRS are fully endorsed by ICANN.

VentraIP Australia .NZ Accredited Registrar

VentraIP Australia is a .NZ accredited registrar allowing you to resell those domains through Synergy Wholesale, our wholesale provider.

VentraIP Australia’s relationship with NZRS began in 2010 when we gained accreditation as a registrar of .NZ domain names. We are a fully operable registrar of the .NZ domain name space and through continued co-operation with NZRS we aim to provide the best possible registrar services for the .NZ domain namespace.

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