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PIPE Networks is an industry leader for telecommunications services within Australia

PIPE Networks across the technological landscape is widely regarded as an industry leader and innovative telecommunications carrier since inception into the market in 2001. They operate one of the largest optic fibre networks across Australia, the single largest Internet eXchange (IX) service in Australia, as well as extensive international links including the 6900km PPC-1 link from Australia to Guam. With a large customer base spanning wholesale, corporate and government organisations, PIPE Networks are a major player in Australian telecommunications.

The current PIPE Networks domestic network consists of over 1,400km of cable. This coverage extends throughout Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide connecting their infrastructure (including the PIPE data centres) and Telstra exchanges. In 2010, PIPE Networks merged with TPG telecom to utilise the assets of one another to improve service delivery and aim for improved value-driven change across the industry.

Premium Network

PIPE Networks forms the backbone of our Australian east coast network.

VentraIP Australia has been utilising PIPE Networks services since our small beginnings in 2008, and our relationship continues to grow. We now hold PIPE peering services in our three Australian PoP‘s (Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney), transit services in Sydney and we are housed in the Melbourne PIPE DC2, Sydney’s PIPE Landing Station and Brisbane’s PIPE DC3. Each of our Australian data centre PoP’s is then conencted via PIPE intercapital connections to provide additional speed and redundancy.

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