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Our Partners

Trustwave SSL’s provide an excellent solution to ensure your customers have peace of mind.

Trustwave is leading the way in online data security solutions for businesses and organisations across the world. Offering on-demand security solutions such as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificates they aim to protect the integrity of businesses as well as the needs and rights of associated consumers.

Trustwave is a company you can know and trust with your SSL needs as they hold certifications with credit card brands around the world for an array of solutions. This includes compliance validation to point-of-sale security implements. Some of their other solutions which you may be more familiar with include the TrustKeeper data security and management solution, and the widely used Mod Security package used on VentraIP Australia servers.

VentraIP Australia Partnership

Your security is our peace of mind.

In June 2011, VentraIP Australia sought out a security company for our customers SSL requirements, this yielded a partnership with Trustwave. Our partnership see’s VentraIP Australia as their Premier Partner for the Asia-Pacific region supplying SSL certificates for an array of businesses and organisations. This includes the entry level EasyTrust SSL’s up to the Premium EV SSL option to provide you and your customers with peace of mind for their data security.

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