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9web Acquisition Question & Answers
Updated Friday March 5th 2021 / Category Accounts

VentraIP Australia, the largest independent domain name registrar in Australia, has today announced the acquisition of 9web, a boutique web hosting and domain name reseller. Based in New South Wales, 9web has more than 1,500 customers and some 3,000 active services.

Setting security options on your VIPControl account
Before you will be able to access your new VIPControl account you will need to setup some security information upon first login. This will include setting your date of birth, and nominating a security question and answer. This information is used when you make contact with our Support team to authorise you as the account holder, so it’s important that you login to VIPControl as soon as possible to provide this information.

I’m an existing 9web customer, what does it mean for me?
In short, billing by 9web will cease immediately and will be picked up by VentraIP Australia. We are, however, honouring all pre-existing renewal dates held with 9web and you will only receive your new invoice upon your next renewal date. Domain name management previously held with 9web has already been migrated to VentraIP Australia and no further action is required from you. You can access and manage your domain names through VIPControl.

Where do I manage my hosting services now?
If you are an existing 9web customer then you should have received an email with your new VIPControl login information. You can manage your domain names through VIPControl, however, in the coming weeks you will receive further information regarding hosting services previously held with 9web as they are migrated across to VentraIP Australia’s DELL cloud infrastructure.

Does that mean my hosting service will be migrated?
Yes, your hosting service will be migrated to our DELL cloud infrastructure. You will receive an email with more information on this in the coming weeks, and it will include a migration date/time, your new server information, the equivalent VentraIP Australia plan you’ve been moved to and information on when you’ll need to update the name servers on your domain name.

So does that mean I won’t be on a 9web hosting plan anymore?
Any existing hosting service with 9web will be transition and migrated to a VentraIP Australia equivalent plan. This will either mean an Economy service or a Business service. It’s important to remember that your new billing amount will not take affect until your next renewal, and in almost every case you are receiving better value for money with VentraIP Australia. The email that is sent to you will contain further information on the plan you’re moving to, your next renewal date and when the physical migration is actually scheduled to be completed. Generally, you will be moved to the same, if not cheaper, monthly priced plan.

How about my domain names that I had with 9web?
You can already manage your domain names previously held with 9web inside of VIPControl as this information has already been migrated across to VentraIP Australia. For assistance with managing domain names inside of VIPControl, please see our dedicated FAQ category online at

I’ve got more questions, help?!
It’s okay, there is no reason to stress out. We are here to help! Feel free to leave a comment on this FAQ article with any questions you have (we’ll be constantly updating this article so remember to check back soon). Alternatively, you can lodge an eTicket to our support team with your questions or contact us via phone.

Last Updated: Tuesday, 31 March 2015.

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