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Add or remove VIPControl email account to receive domain expiry report
Updated Friday April 5th 2019 / Category Accounts

By default all customers will receive domain expiry notifications on the contact address set on your domains along with a report as much as twice a month to the address set up for accessing your VIPControl account. These notices come out on the first and fifteenth of each month with a list of the domains that will expire in the next 60 days.

If desired this can be disabled by logging into VIPcontrol and navigating to My Account > My Details.

At the bottom of the page the section titled “Domain Expiry Notification” will need to be toggled to show ‘Enable’ in the control panel. This means it’s turned off.

As mentioned on this prompt we strongly encourage all customers to keep their actual domain contact email addresses to be kept up to date as per registry policy. This will mean other communications aside from expiry notices will be able to get through.

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