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Articles to assist with migrations to our Axigen email platform
Updated Thursday June 18th 2020 / Category Email Hosting

Below is a collection of information we have to support the change from our Atmail dedicated email platform over to Axigen along with any common issues and what can be done about them.

If you have any questions or issues not covered by the below we suggest you reach out to our 24/7 support team via eTicket, Live chat from the option on the bottom right of our site or via Phone so we can assist.

Updating email settings

The settings you will need to adjust your software/device to are as follows

Incoming Mail Server:
Outgoing Mail Server:
Incoming IMAP Mail Port: 993 (SSL)
Incoming POP3 Port: 995 (SSL)
Outgoing SMTP Port: 465 (SSL) OR 587 (TLS)
Authentication: Required for IMAP/POP3/SMTP

Please note that some software like the ‘Mail’ application on iOS have ‘Optional’ in the Username/Password fields under the SMTP settings these need to be filled out with your email address and password

Official guides to make these changes can be found below from the respective software vendors:

Microsoft Outlook (Windows)

Microsoft Outlook (Mac) — Outlook for Mac users MUST remove the old account and add it fresh, Use this guide with our settings above.

Mozilla Thunderbird

Apple MacMail

We also have our own guides here which cover these apps and mobility devices! Just be sure to use the above information along with your mailbox username and password.

Resetting email password on Axigen mailbox accounts

Until the day of the migration you can reset your password on your mailbox if the current one is known by following this guide. If you don’t know the password please raise a support eTicket from VIPControl and we’ll assist in resetting this for you.

Issues with folders not all showing after updating settings

Generally we’ve found this to be an issue with Outlook users specifically, regardless of how you are trying to connect though it’s important to login with your mailbox account to  ‘’ and ensure the folders and mail you are looking for actually exists there and has been moved across from the old server, If missing please raise a support eTicket.

Once confirmed the folders and mail is on the server, you can use a guide below depending on the software being used to ensure it’s set to show and sync the folder(s) not showing:

Microsoft Outlook

Mozilla Thunderbird — Follow the section under ‘Configuring synchronization and disk space usage’ for directions on checking folder subscriptions

Issues with mail folders being duplicated after updating mail settings/migration date

This is a specific issue with Outlook Mac users who updated settings rather than removing the account and re-adding it brand new.

Unfortunately this application does not adapt well to the server it’s connecting to being changed and will re-sync a new copy of everything it’s offered from the new server on top of what it already has from the old. It also will sync this duplication back to the new server which will mean our team will need to clean the data on your mail account once you remove it from your device(s) before having you add it fresh again.

Please raise an eTicket where this has occurred so we can assist.

Emails missing after updating settings

If you have only just updated email settings or it’s the morning of the migration taking place and you did not update settings ahead of time it’s possible mail is still being synchronised to your software. Most applications have a send/receive option or an area to check current activity. If you see this still processing data then leave this until it’s completed then check for the missing email.

If still not showing up verify it actually exists on the server by logging in at ‘’ using your mailbox credentials. If the mail is missing here it will never sync/appear and we may need to check the old server to ensure it came across.  In these circumstances please raise an eTicket for our team to follow up and check this for you.

I can’t log in to with my email account

If the mailbox was created AFTER June 12th 2020 then this account likely will not be synchronised over to the new platform as yet. Any accounts meeting this criteria will be done on the day of the migration and settings should not be updated for these accounts until then. If you’d like it migrated sooner or it’s not an account created after the date mentioned please contact support via support eTicket so we can assist.

Axigen Outlook Connector for Activesync style connectivity

You can view our guide on obtaining and using this software to enhance Outlook here. This does require some DNS changes to work most effectively which our team are more than happy to assist with however support for installing/configuring this product with your Outlook Installation is not in our scope of support and we cannot assist with application issues.

Still having issues getting setup?

As mentioned, If you are facing an issue not listed here please raise a support eTicket so our team can assist further.

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