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Automatic payments and how they work
Updated Monday December 14th 2020 / Category Accounts

To make maintaining your services easier we have automatic payments available via credit card, certain services manage these automatic payments differently which we’ll cover below.

Web Hosting

Web hosting, including email hosting and Gsuite will always automatically renew three (3) days prior to the due date of the service if there is a suitable payment method setup on the account. A credit card can be added to your account here, and can be made the default so that it is used by the automatic system correctly here.  If you wished to disable automatic payments you would simply remove a card on file so you can pay each invoice as needed.


Unlike Web Hosting domains can have the auto renew feature enabled or disabled depending on your needs, auto renew is enabled by default for all new registrations, you can easily manage the status of auto renew on your domains here by clicking the slider under the auto renew column.

For domains with Auto renew enabled (green) the system will create an invoice for the minimum renewal time of the domain fourteen (14) days prior to the expiry of the domain itself, if there is a card on file it will attempt to pay that invoice as it’s generated, you won’t lose out on the 14 days as the renewal system simply adds time to your existing registration.

If the autorenew option is disabled (red) the domain will instead need to be manually renewed or it will expire and drop back into public circulation.


With the exception of AutoSSL included with our hosting plans Premium SSL’s like those from Comodo can’t be renewed and therefore don’t auto renew, you would simply order a new premium SSL to replace your existing SSL just before it is due to expire.

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