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Can I cancel a domain I have already purchased?
Updated Thursday July 13th 2017 / Category Registration, Renewal and Expiry

Can I cancel a domain I have already purchased?

You can, however we generally advise simply letting a domain name lapse and be dropped from the registry instead of having one cancelled. That way if there’s a sudden change of mind you’re not out of pocket a domain name cost given once a domain has been cancelled and deleted there’s no way to get it back without registering it again and paying the registration cost.
Most, if not all, domain names can be cancelled once they have been purchased, however in the event of a domain cancellation we can not offer a refund on the domain name renewal or registration cost.

If you are certain you want your domain name cancelled then simply submit an eTicket to our technical support team with the request and we’ll be able to sort it out for you.


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