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Create a new user in WordPress
Updated Monday November 30th 2020 / Category Web Hosting

Creating a user

  1. Login to your website’s dashboard (e.g. http://my-domain-here.com/wp-admin)
  2. Click on the Users tab to the left of the page, then click Add New
    WordPress dashboard Add User
  3. Input the following under Add New User
    1. Username: This is a required field, and the username can be what ever you like
    2. Email: This is a required field, make sure it’s an email address you or the user have access to
    3. Firstname: The user’s first name
    4. Lastname: The user’s last name
    5. Website: The user’s website, this is optional
    6. Password: This will be generated for you, and can be changed later
    7. Send User Notification: Optionally email the user, letting them know their account has been created
    8. Role: Set the user’s role, keeping in mind that the different roles provide different user permissions
  4. Click Add User

User Roles and what they mean

When creating a user you can set a “role” for that user, which gives them different permissions when they login to the WordPress dashboard. Here is a list of the different roles and what they mean:

  • Administrator: Full access, this user can do anything they want once they’ve logged in
  • Editor: Can publish and manage posts, including the posts of other users
  • Author: Can publish and manage their own posts only
  • Contributor: Can write and manage their own posts, but cannot publish them
  • Subscriber: Can only manage their user profile


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