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Creating email addresses in cPanel
Updated Monday January 18th 2021 / Category Web Hosting

All our cPanel hosting plans also include the ability to host custom email addresses from your primary domain and any addon domains you may have. To create these addresses we’ll first need to login to cPanel, once logged in click on the email accounts app, it’s within here that you can create and manage your cPanel email accounts.

To create a new account click the +create button on the right hand side of the screen. where you will be greeted with the below window.

The domain name is already prefixed into the username so all you need to enter is the part before the “@” symbol that you want to display in your email address. If you have multiple domains on the cPanel there will be a dropdown allowing you to select the domain you want to create the email for.

You will also need to nominate a password, the more secure the better, you can generate a secure password automatically via the generate button. (make sure to note it down as cPanel passwords can’t be viewed once set)

Next the storage space nomination controls how much storage that particular email can use before it can no longer accept email, please note if you choose unlimited the maximum value is instead the total storage capacity of your cPanel.

You can then leave the welcome email tick selected as this will send you setup instructions for 3rd party email software you can use along with our setup guide here and click +create.

To ensure your new email functions DNS MX records will need to be active on the domain, if you need assistance adding those in our technical support team can assist via an eticket if you need a mail migration arranged from an old mailbox that can also be arranged via an eticket with this guide.


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