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Does VentraIP’s free Email Forwarding support catch-all addresses?
Updated Wednesday February 19th 2020 / Category DNS

It sure does! Setting up a catch-all forwarder can easily be set up on your domain name via VIPcontrol.

VentraIP Australia’s Email Forwarding is not only free but it also supports catch-all addresses to help ensure emails don’t slip through the cracks.

Once you’re logged into VIPcontrol You can set up a catch-all forwarder by following the below steps:

  1. Click the My Services option on the top left in your account > Domains from the menu below
  2. Hit the Manage button for the domain that you are altering.
  3. Select the Manage DNS option from under the DNS area on the left.
  4. Ensure Web/Email Forwarding is enabled/selected.
  5. Scroll to Email Forwarding and select ‘Add Email Forwarder’
  6. Select ‘Catch-All’ and enter in the forwarding to address >> Click ‘Add Email Forwarder’ and you’re done!

All of our email forwarders including the catch-all forwarder utilise our premium SpamExperts outbound spam filtering platform at no extra cost, this ensures spam and the unwanted junk emails are filtered out before they are delivered to your destination email address.

If you need any assistance with setting up a catch-all email forwarder, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via eTicket, Live chat or over the phone via 13 24 85.

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