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Eligibility requirements for .dev
Updated Thursday January 28th 2021 / Category Domain Policy

The .dev extension is a secure namespace, meaning you will need an SSL Certificate installed on your website before it can be viewed in a browser. .dev domain names come pre-submitted to the HSTS Preload list, which in effect makes them HTTPS-only.

If you require an SSL certificate, you can purchase one through the VentraIP Australia website or through your VIPContol account. Alternatively, if you have a hosting service with VentraIP Australia, you will be provided with a free Auto SSL Certificate. Auto SSL Certificates are installed automatically on your web hosting service.

In the event that you purchase an SSL Certificate through a third party provider and need assistance installing it on your VentraIP Australia hosting service, please contact our technical support team.

What will happen if I don’t have an SSL Certificate installed?

Frankly speaking, your website won’t be accessible and a browser error will occur when you visit your .dev domain name.

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