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Extended Validation (EV) Process for SSL Certificates
Posted Tuesday December 5th 2017 / Category Security

Extended Validation (EV)

Extended Validation (EV) Is a type of SSL that goes further than an Organization Validation as it checks into actual physical presence of the company and sources more legal documentation that has been signed by an authorized party. It also has the added benefit of displaying a green bar with the validated company name in the address field on the visitors browser.

These certificates go through additional validation steps which will verify physical presence of the identity or business requesting the SSL along with confirming they have absolute control and authority over the domain.

This process concerns:
Premium EV SSL

The validations performed to confirm this involve all the usual DV/OV steps listed in earlier articles listed here:
DV Validation Steps
OV Validation Steps

Along with the following:

Establishment of the legal identity as well as the operational and physical presence of website owner.

Establishment that the applicant is the domain name owner or has exclusive control over the domain name.

Confirm the identity and authority of the individuals acting for the website owner, and that documents pertaining to legal obligations are signed by an authorised officer.

Due to the extra information and steps involved the delivery time on an EV SSL can be considerably longer than a Standard Easy-Trust or Premium SSL. This should be taken into consideration when making a purchase.

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