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Why are some functions in VIPControl not working or missing for me?
Updated Monday February 6th 2017 / Category Web Access

After WebAccess customers are emailed their VentraIP Australia log in details they will be able to view and manage their services from VIPControl. Domain names should function as normal and you’ll have access to all of our domain management tools such as Free DNS Hosting, Web/Email Forwarding, DNSSEC, etc. With hosting services, while they remain on WebAccess’s hardware customers will only have limited access to the hosting service management tools in VIPControl. The ‘one click login’ button for Plesk or cPanel should still work, however for customers wanting to do things like enable SSH Access, change the primary domain name, etc. they will need to submit an eTicket to our technical support team.

Once we’ve completed migrating WebAccess services to our own hardware customers will have access to our standard management tools in VIPControl.

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